2019-2020 Academic Catalog 
    Sep 24, 2023  
2019-2020 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Academic Calendar

Fall Semester 2019

FA-19 Regular Session

FA-19A Buffalo Stampede
Session FA-19B Buffalo Stampede Session

Faculty/Staff Institute August 4 (R)
Department Meetings and Trainings (Per Department) August 4 (R)
Residence Hall Opens August 6 (Sa)
Student Orientation August 8-12 (M-F)
Registration for New Students August 8-10 (M-W)
Registration for Returning Students August 11-12 (R-F)
Classes Begin (Buffalo Stampede Begins/ Cohort A) August 15 (M)
Late Registration August 15- 17 (M-W)
Enrollment Verification FA - 19 (Census) August 30 (T) NOON
Labor Day Holiday September 5 (M)
Faculty Development (No Classes) September 16 (F)
Buffalo Stampede Session Begins/Cohort B September 26 (M)
ETS Proficiency Profile Exam October 1 - 31
Buffalo Stampede Session/Cohort B Enrollment Verification Due October 5 (W) 5 PM
Mid - Semester Grades Due October 14 (F) 12 Noon
Last Day for Student Withdrawal October 18 (T)
Honors Convocation October 20 (R) 11 AM
Buffalo Stampede Session Mid-Semester Review Due October 21 (F)
Last Day of Class November 22 (T)
Winter Break Begins (Campus Closed) November 23 (W)
Residence Halls Close (For All Students) November 23 (W)
Campus Re-opens November 28 (M)
All Grades Due December 5 (M) 12 Noon
Campus Closed for Winter Break December 19 (M)

Spring Semester 2020

SP-20 Regular Session

SP-20A Buffalo Stampede Session
SP-20B Buffalo Stampede Session

Faculty/Staff Institute January 3 (T)
Department Meetings and Trainings (Per Department) January 3 (T)
Residence Hall Opens January 4 (W)
Student Orientation January 5-7 (R-Sa)
Registration for New Students January 5-6 (R-F)
Registration for Returning Students January 7 (Sa)
Classes Begin (Buffalo Stampede Session Begins/Cohort B) January 9 (M)
Late Registration January 9 - 11 (M-W)
Martin Luther King Jr. Day Observed January 16 (M)
Enrollment Verification SP - 19 (Census) January 24 (T) 12 Noon
Honors Convocation February 23 (R)
Buffalo Stampede Session Begins/ Cohort B February 28 (T)
Buffalo Stampede Session Enrollment Verification Due March 10 (F)
Faculty Development (No Classes) March 10 (F)
Buffalo Stampede Session Semester Review March 13-18 (M-Sa)
Spring Break March 20-25 (M-Sa)
Mid-Semester Grades Due March 27 (M) Noon
Last Day for Student Withdrawal March 29 (W)
Grades Due for Spring and Summer Graduates 2019 April 19 (W)
Last Day of Class April 28 (F)
Baccalaureate April 29 (Sa) 7 PM
Commencement April 30 (Su) 3 PM
All Grades Due May 12 (F) Noon

Summer 2020

SUI-20 Summer I (Degree Completion Requirements)

Registration Ends for Summer I May 9 (T)
Summer Session I Begins May 9 (T)
Enrollment Verification Due May 18 (R) 5PM
Memorial Day Holiday Observed May 29 (M)
Classes Resume Summer I May 30 (T)
Final Examinations for Summer I May 31-June 1 (W-R)
Summer Session I Ends June 1 (R)
All Grades Due June 7 (W)

SUII-20 Summer II

Registration Ends for Summer II June 12 (M)
Summer Session II Begins June 12 (M)
Enrollment Verification Due June 22 (R) 5PM
July 4th Holiday Observed July 4 (T)
Classes Resume Summer II July 5 (W)
Final Examinations for Summer II July 10-11 (M-T)
Summer Session II Ends July 11 (T)
All Grades Due July 17 (M)

SUIII-20 Summer III

Registration Ends for Summer III June 26 (M)
Summer Session III Begins June 27 (T)
July 4th Holiday Observed July 4 (T)
Classes Resume Summer III July 5 (W)
Enrollment Verification Due July 10 (M) 5PM
Final Examinations for Summer III July 19-20 (W-R)
Summer Session III Ends July 20 (R)
All Grades Due July 26 (W)