2023-2025 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jun 24, 2024  
2023-2025 Undergraduate Catalog

Division of Student Affairs

Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs

As a Christian liberal arts institution, Arkansas Baptist College’s Division of Student Affairs seeks to develop the whole person both inside and outside of the classroom. The Division of Student Affairs delivers tailored services and programs, creating a campus climate that attracts and retains motivated students through unique social, cultural, and educational activities. 
The Vice President for Student Affairs holds the position of the Senior Student Affairs Officer, responsible for providing administrative guidance across the diverse functional sectors within the division. The functional areas that directly report to the Vice President for Student Affairs encompass Residential Life and Housing, Student Activities, College Career Services, Disability Services, Buffalo Radio, Health and Counseling Services, and Student Conduct. 
Student Affairs also assumes administrative responsibility for overseeing leadership development and Student Disability Services. Within the Division of Student Affairs, programs and services are crafted, promoted, evaluated, and executed to foster student learning and cultivate a high-quality campus environment. 

Office of the Dean of Students

The Office of the Dean of Students ensures a respectful and responsible campus environment. We assist students with a variety of concerns by working directly with them and connecting them to appropriate resources and services on campus. We also consult with and serve as a resource for faculty and staff, parents, families, and friends, working together to serve students. We enforce college policies, promote ethical behavior, and guides students in understanding their rights and responsibilities. Collaborating with departments, we educate students on maintaining a harmonious community. The office handles disciplinary matters fairly, focusing on personal growth and accountability for a positive student experience. 

Chapel Services - Empowerment Hour 
The College offers Chapel services also known as Empowerment Hour to engage and contribute to student’s educational experiences. Arkansas Baptist College Chapel Services (Empowerment Hour) provide regularly scheduled empowerment hour assemblies during the academic school year (except during summer terms). Chapel is scheduled weekly and is an institutional requirement for all students.  
These assemblies provide various educational, developmental, and spiritual experiences. All students are required to attend, unless granted an excuse. The first Chapel of each semester always includes an address by the President on the status of the institution. The President charges the students to pursue academic success wholeheartedly. Students, faculty, and staff are expected to attend these assemblies to derive the benefits from them and to show support and endorsement for the College. Services include a devotional period and announcements of general interest. The planned programs are designed to stimulate intellectual, religious, and social development.  
Student Disability Services  
Established within the Division of Student Affairs, the Office of Student Disability Services was instituted in alignment with the mandates of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Its primary mission is to guarantee that students with disabilities are provided reasonable accommodations and support, thereby ensuring equal opportunities for a fulfilling and successful college journey. Eligibility for services is extended to all currently enrolled students with documented disabilities. 
Grievance Procedures for Persons with Disabilities 
Grievances regarding rights under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 should be filed with the Director of Student Disability Services. This nondiscrimination policy covers admission and activities, including academic admissions, financial aid, educational services, and employment. Anyone desiring information concerning these provisions should contact the Dean of Students. 
Career Services  
Within the Division of Student Affairs, the Office of the Career Center operates with the primary aim of aiding students in refining their career and professional development competencies essential for thriving in the contemporary job market. Our services cater to students throughout their academic journey, commencing from freshman year and extending beyond graduation. Whether you’re navigating major selection, exploring diverse career trajectories, seeking part-time employment or internships, or preparing for interviews, our dedicated Career Center team is available to provide guidance and support. The following comprehensive services are accessible to students: 
Career Counseling and Guidance 
Our career counselors are readily available for one-on-one appointments, addressing a range of career-related subjects that include: 
  • Crafting compelling resumes and cover letters, along with other professional communications 
  • Enhancing interview aptitude 
  • Identifying a compatible major 
  • Formulating a comprehensive career strategy encompassing internships, summer positions, full-time roles, etc. 
  • Deepening insight into the intersection of skills, values, and interests within the workplace 
  • Utilizing effective decision-making skills to make well-informed career selections. 
  • Career Fair: Career Services offers campus-wide career fairs each fall and spring semester to enable students to explore different career fields, employers, and types of employment.

The Office of Student Activities 

The Office of Student Activities aspires to provide an environment that challenges students to reach their fullest potential, affirms the self-worth of each individual, and awakens in students an awareness of their uniqueness. In this regard, students are encouraged to become involved in the numerous activities and organizations available at Arkansas Baptist College. This involvement allows students to meet people of different backgrounds, lifestyles, and interests, thereby creating a diverse community which allows both individual and collective growth. An integral part of the college experience is the development of a sense of responsibility and self-discipline within each student. Every attempt is made to provide students with independence and the opportunity to make their own decisions. However, students are expected to behave in a way that shows courtesy and respect for others. 
The Buffalo Barn - Student Union 
Serving as the vibrant epicenter of activity and a catalyst for student engagement, the Buffalo Barn stands as the heart of the ABC campus. This multifaceted space serves as the convergence point for the college’s cultural, social, and academic realms. With the Buffalo Barn, students are granted the unique opportunity to forge connections and deepen their understanding of one another beyond the classroom, as they partake in daily services and conveniences. 
Elevating the social, personal, and intellectual growth of both individual students and student groups, the Buffalo Barn supplies indispensable services and facilities. It seamlessly extends the classroom environment, fostering discussions over coffee and facilitating structured activities, exhibits, seminars, and resource sharing. Simultaneously, it provides a much-needed respite from the academic routine, offering a haven for both groups and individuals to unwind. 
Ensuring well-maintained and secure facilities, the Buffalo Barn caters to students, faculty, staff, administrative professionals, academic and administrative departments, alumni, and the wider community. As the central hub for the Office of Student Activities and the Student Government Association (SGA), it holds a pivotal role in the college’s holistic educational journey. 
Student Government Association 
The Student Government Association (SGA) is one of the principal organizations through which students share in the college’s administration. Every student is a member. Officers are elected annually by the student body. SGA allows students to take part in the decision-making process and provides leadership opportunities. The SGA encourages involvement in the college community through responsible activities and specific programs. 
Residential Life and Housing 
The Office of Residential Life and Housing is on the ground floor of the Charles Ripley Residence Hall. The Office is responsible for the quality of life within the residence halls. The College has housing facilities for approximately 500 residents. All rooms include Wi-Fi, furniture (XL twin bed, dresser, desk, and a desk chair). All residential halls feature laundry facilities, TV lounges, and fully staffed offices. Undergraduate students on campus must register for a meal plan in the college Bistro. 
Housing Options are available in: 
  • Charles Ripley Residence Hall 
  • O. Fitz Hill Residence Hall 
  • 1600 Residence Hall 
All inquiries concerning housing should be directed to the Office of Residential Life (501) 420-1268. A room reservation fee is required to secure campus housing. All campus residents are required to take the meal plan. 
Living Learning Communities 
The Office of Residential Life and Housing offers Living Learning Communities (LLC) for students to have a chance to live together based on shared interests or academic goals. It’s a dynamic environment that enhances learning through collaborative projects, discussions, and specialized events. Faculty and staff engagement further enriches the experience, fostering strong connections and personal growth within the residential setting. 
 Intercollegiate Athletics 
Arkansas Baptist College is a provisional member of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). The program of activities includes both male and female participants. Some of the sports sponsored by the program are men’s and women’s basketball, men and women’s track, baseball, wrestling, women’s softball, men’s and women’s soccer, and football. The program is designed to: (1) offer recreational and competitive activities; (2) instruct students in competition and legitimate methods of good sportsmanship; and (3) aid in the development of teamwork, group loyalty, cooperation, and sound Christian principles.  
Intramurals and Recreation 
Any student is eligible to compete in a number of recreational opportunities. The Little Rock metropolitan area represents one of the prime recreational resources in Arkansas. It offers a wealth of parks, picnic areas, swimming pools, movie theaters, art exhibits, and theatrical centers that are recreational and educational. Additional information concerning area recreation may be secured from the Office of Student Affairs.  
 New Student Orientation 
Arkansas Baptist College prides itself on a comprehensive Fall orientation program that involves all new students prior to the start of the fall semester. The small-group format facilitated by faculty and student leaders allows for an intimate approach to the orientation to Arkansas Baptist College life. Emphasis is placed on getting to know one another, academic advising, discussion of social issues, and an introduction to the College’s resources.  

 Student Services

Mail Service. In order to guarantee that all mail is handled in an expedient manner, each resident student is requested to pick up his/her own mail in the Mailroom (basement of Ole Main).

Food Services. Meals are served in the dining hall three times daily with the exception of Saturday, Sunday, and holidays (two times only). It is expected that students will come to all meals appropriately dressed, that they speak in modest tones and reflect courteous manners at all times. It is expected that conduct and table manners in the dining hall will be in keeping with the standards of college culture. The College offers two differentmeal plans to resident students. Non-resident students, faculty, staff, and others may purchases meals for a modest fee.

Library Services. The J. C. Oliver Library, named for the late Dr. James Columbus Oliver, past president of the College, is the center for information, literacy, and research activities on campus. It allows us to connect all that we value in traditional library services with the possibilities of new forms of knowledge acquisition and creation. Its role is to improve the quality of life within our student community and develop the students’ ability to find and use information. It recognizes that different information needs lead to different information sources. Therefore, the internet has become the primary media for library services. The internet service provides access to thousands of full-text articles from hundreds of sources concerning education, religion, social issues, global events and issues, and science topics.

The library is dedicated to providing the highest standards in service and resources that support the college mission for excellence in learning, scholarship, and service. In a society dependent on information technology and life-long learning, the College is committed to designing an environment that’s reader-centered, book-centered, and learning-centered with a distinct commitment to preparing students for leadership and service to our nation.

Parking. All students who operate a motor vehicle on campus must register it with the Campus Safety Office and be issued a registration decal. Vehicles not displaying this decal will be removed from the premises at the owner’s expense. Failure to comply with this rule could prohibit the operation of a motor vehicle or stiffer penalties.

Student ID Card. ID cards are the property of the college and must be returned to the college when students withdraw. The card must be surrendered upon request to all officials of the college in performance of their duty. Studentsmay request that the official furnish identification. ID pictures are taken at the beginning of each academic session. Anyone not possessing a valid ID card will be treated as a non-student. Students are required to show their college ID Card when conducting any financial transactions with the ABC Business Office.

Behavioral Expectations

Admission to Arkansas Baptist College is a privilege. The College seeks to provide a campus environment which will contribute to the growth of students as individuals, encouraging conduct which at all times reflects responsible membership in a Christian community. To promote this atmosphere, Arkansas Baptist College, as a private institution, reserves the right to establish certain rules and regulations. These specific regulations are published annually in the Student Handbook. Students are required to be familiar with the policies explained in the Handbook and with the spirit of the institution as identified by the policies found in both the Handbook and in this Catalog. All students enrolled at Arkansas Baptist College are expected to support the policies of college community living.

Student Conduct. Students accused of a violation of College policies and procedures are subject to disciplinary action that may include an administrative hearing or review by a member of the Student Life staff. These processes are specifically outlined in the Student Handbook.

Alcoholic Beverages and Illegal Drugs. Arkansas Baptist College follows a policy of total abstinence from alcoholic beverages within the College community. The storage of, possession of, consumption of, or being in the presence of alcoholic beverages on Arkansas Baptist College property is strictly prohibited. Likewise, the violation of any College policy, rule, or regulation after consumption or while under the influence of alcoholic beverages is not tolerated. Violation of this policy may result in suspension from the College and possible prosecution by civil authority. Federal, state, and local laws prohibit the use of illegal drugs. The non-medical use of these compounds is contrary to the aims and purposes of our educational community and detrimental to its individual members. Arkansas Baptist College, therefore, prohibits their use. The storage, possession, or use of illegal drugs, including marijuana, may result in immediate suspension of those involved and may result in prosecution by civil authorities.

Smoking. Arkansas Baptist College prohibits smoking in all indoor areas, including residence hall rooms. Furthermore, the use of all tobacco products is prohibited at the College.

Civil Law and the College. The College cannot protect students from judicial processes involving violations of federal, state, and local civil law. Incidents involving bank check irregularities, larceny (furniture, items from bookstore, etc.), and other like offenses will be dealt with by civil authorities. This could involve possible arrest, trial, conviction, and penalties.

Motor Vehicles. Specific parking policies for Arkansas Baptist College are available at Campus Safety, on the college website, and in the Student Handbook. The College is not responsible for any damage or loss that may occur to a student’s vehicle or contents.

Dress. Appropriate dress is defined more by occasion and place than in other ways. Students are expected to exercise mature judgment with regard to dress at more formal occasions. Health laws require that shoes be worn in all dining areas.

Events. Approval for organizational social events may be received from the Student Life Office. Off-campus activities by service, club, or social organizations are beyond the scope of control by the College. The listing of the function on the College calendar or any other College involvement with the club or organization or event shall not be construed in any way to cause the event to be a College event or an event that the College, its agents, servants, or employees can supervise or control.

Room Inspections and Searches. The College reserves the right to enter any room, at any time, for the purpose of maintenance, health, safety, inspection, or other official business. The College also reserves the right to enter and conduct a search of any room if a violation of College regulations is suspected. All students are bound by the inspection and search procedures of the College as they now exist or may be amended.

Damage Deposit. A student who accepts College housing agrees in effect to a contract, and is responsible for maintaining the room in acceptable condition. Each student will be initially charged a $135 deposit by the Business Office. Charges for damage to the room and residence hall (which are not the result of normal wear) will be deducted from the deposit. 

Personal Property. Reasonable efforts are made to protect personal property of Arkansas Baptist College students. Students are asked not to leave valuables in their residence hall rooms during vacations. Students are responsible for their personal belongings and books in the College cafeteria. Arkansas Baptist College is not responsible for the loss of or damage to students’ personal property. Arkansas Baptist College recommends a review of personal homeowner’s insurance policies for coverage of students living in the College residence halls.